Friday, January 22, 2016

The Baptism of Lauren Windham

The Baptism of Lauren Windham
    (reflective dream-state version)

Minister: "Do you speak for your household?"

Laurence: Yes.

Minister: "Do you trust in God's covenant promises on her behalf."

Laurence: Yes I do. What other hope have I? I am a total mess. I don't even know how I got this far.

Who is this beautiful woman next to me? Why are all of these people here? Why are they loving and supporting me? Me, of all people?

Minister: "Do you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for your child's salvation?"

Laurence: Oh God, save my little girl! There is no hope outside of you, Lord. At some point, help her to be aware of your presence and your great salvation.

Minister: "Will you raise this child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord?"

Laurence: I'll say 'Yes' but I cannot do this. I am a hollow man.
I can teach her to whistle and to laugh. I can show her how to make an omelet and what it takes to be a good friend to others. I can help her to be forgiving and to love poetry. Do these count?
I will pray for her and with her and make sure that she reads the Bible. And everything that we talk about will be within the context that Jesus is our Lord and Savior and the Creator of the world.
And I will pray that she gets a double portion of the grace that brought me to this place in my life today.

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