Saturday, April 18, 2015

Liturgy As Story

It would be simple to assign our loss of identity to busy schedules or to the lack of Christian education or to the lack of church attendance, and these certainly are contributing factors. Perhaps the larger problem is that we do not see Christ as the center of our story. We do not see Christ as the center of our liturgy, the place where His story—the story of the world—is told. Such a towering assertion goes against the grain of our postmodern sensibilities and expectations. Yet the history of the church testifys that, for centuries, our brothers and sisters in Christ invited those who did not share our faith to come to the Divine Service, where they heard the salvation story in its entirety through the rhythm of the liturgy. In our worship, Christ, the author of life, is present, telling that story through the words of the prophets and apostles and serving as host of a heavenly feast where the world’s story is given its heavenly reality.

                                                                        From: Heaven on Earth by Arthur A Just,   

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