Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Walk & Talk

When it comes to teaching our children how to live before God we should be sure to follow our heavenly Father’s instructions.

The format is not to be limited to a classroom, a Bible study time, a catechism Q & A, or even family worship. These are all very good to do (and should be done) but in this we must remember the basic reality that too often the ‘very good’ takes the place of the ‘best’.

The best education in living out God’s Word comes ‘when you walk by the way’. This means that you—as a parent—are consciously aware of scripture’s application as you work, play, speak, and act…and this isn’t lost on the kiddos…because you’re talking to them within scenario and under situation rather than just in a formal setting.  

 Our responsibility to teach our children is to be done incrementally, consistently, creatively, conversationally and naturally. There just aren’t a whole lot of bible passages that you can ‘live out’ while sitting still.

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