Saturday, December 6, 2014

Laurence's Guest Lecture At Apple

So in my dream I poured some vanilla and then some cream into a glass of ice. Then I filled the glass with club soda, stirred it a little and was very satisfied with the sweet, refreshing taste. Then with concoction in hand I crashed the latest board meeting at Apple.

They were, as you might imagine, stunned to have a stranger suddenly show up out of nowhere—but that is how dreams tend to play. It was then that I riffed like Nietzsche’s madman. “You are fools to try and imitate Personality because it is disingenuous.” I took another sip of my homemade cream soda to let the spoken truth sink in. “It is not only disingenuous,” I continued, “but it is impossible. Imitate Principle…that you can do; that can be done.”

I’m still not sure why I would care enough to share wisdom like that with Apple but maybe I’ll send them a letter.


But I am definitely going to try making that drink.

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