Saturday, October 18, 2014

Courage & Comfort

Tomorrow morning I will once again fill a pulpit to preach God's Word.
This is, and has always been, a scary task for me and I pray each time that the Lord will forgive my 'getting in the way' because I know that I do.

Ah, but coming to the Communion Table is a incredibly different experience. I know that I belong there.

I have never doubted recieving the forgiveness of God but I have, at times, questioned why He called me to the ministry.


  1. "[Cartularium]...ranks as a public document possessing greater value than a private letter or the narrative of an annalist."

    To be sure, it was His calling. Others you know have never questioned why He called you. Rather, we continue to benefit from your service to our Lord.

    1. Ty,
      If everyone who read this comment also knew you like I do, they would also know what a tremendous compliment you have given me.

      My table is always set,