Saturday, October 4, 2014

As you rise up, as you walk by the way, as you run errands...

Ethan, who just finished reading Vern Poythress' Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1, related to me that one subject that was broached but not answered was, "Why did God rest on the 7th Day?" Ethan then went on to offer an answer to that question. 'Rest' doesn't mean that God was tired but that he was pleased…like a painter viewing his finished work. 

I agreed. Rest implies satisfaction, pleasure.

Then I pointed out that when we say that God rested what we mean is the Trinity. The three persons of the Godhead 'rested'. The rest was communal.

Through my son's initiation into this subject I started reflecting on the fact that on the Sabbath, we too should be looking back on our recent six Days with pleasure and satisfaction. Our 'works' (words, thoughts, deeds) should be something that we, too, can look back at with a righteous pleasure each week.

Pretty good conversation for just taking the trash to the dump.

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