Friday, September 19, 2014

Fetal Position

We got this term honestly and like a babe in the womb, we find ourselves sometimes in this position, emotionally. And it is then we should assess if this is because we believe the circumstances and situations that caused us to curl up inside are hopeless or is it just a matter of innately understanding Beatitude language and all that we can do is ‘hunger and mourn’ or try to be ‘pure’. We become aware of ‘meekness’ being our only real position in all of life, though now, it is quite evident how ‘poor’ we always are, always have been and always will be and how being meek and poor in spirit is not our natural position when things are going well.

So, when thrust into a Psalm of Lament we instinctively fold inwardly as to protect our innermost being, containing and channeling our emoting intercession via distress of heart and mind and strength. 

Being persecuted by others or feeling that way as they selfishly pull their lives down and seemingly care not who the rubble hits we must soon climb our way out and be merciful, and pursue peace. This is what the hopeful know. For us, that fetal position is spiritual, realizing and recognizing our reliance upon grace and our all-powerful Lord.

Not only is this world ‘fallen’ it continues to fall around us. If it were literal brick and mortar, or stars from the sky, the pain would not be as bad.

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